Wiki to the Charity Poker Tournament – Lennestadt Altenhundem

The ‘Charity Poker Turnier’ (CPT-LA) is a poker pro-am tournament. It yearly takes place since 2012. The whole proceeds goes to charitable organisations (until now Strahlemä and Frauen helfen Frauen).

General information

With this annual event about 360 participants have the possibility to play against poker professionals (pros) and to win a lot of material prizes. Participants who win against a poker-pro receive a special trophy (a ‘knock-out-shirt’).

Every participant of the MTT could only book one place in Heat 1 or in Heat 2. To announce oneself several times is prohibited. The same rule is valid for the VIP-SNG. You can buy so many lots you want to. But you can only book one place.

We play three Heats. Every Heat is limited to 180 players and all players start with a stack of 5,000 chips. The play manner is Texas Hold’em. The tournament lasts approx. 13 hours. The Blinds rise before the break in three phases every 30 minutes. In the next three phases the Blinds rise in 25 minutes tact. Who still has chips after 3 hours is automatically qualified for the finals.

Blind structure

Minute Small Big
0-30 25 50
31-60 50 100
61-90 100 200


106-130 200 400
131-155 300 600
156-180 400 800

Side-Events bei den CPT’s

Every year we offer with our CPT a VIP-SNG. All invited pros and VIPs play in a SNG with the organizers and a few drawn out players. The lots are offered on the day of the tournament for less money. To win a material prize* the drawn out players must win only against the competitors. Not against the organizers or even the pros.

* Because we are bound on sponsoring by companies we cannot fix the prize before.

We offer for spectators, eliminated (from the main event) or simply the inquisitive people among you at some tables another side-event. For less money (which is also for the good purpose) you can take part in these SNGs.

Tournament 2017

CPT-LA 2017: (v. l.) Tobias Walkenbach, Tobias Bals und Sven Kautermann

The CPT-LA 2017 was the first tournament in our history with three heats. In addition, the tournament with 540 participants was 50% larger than in previous years. Heat 2 was sold out in less than a minute. With Steffi Quint, Crazysheep, Martin Pott, Michael Keiner, Natalie Hof, xflixx, Stephan Kalhamer, Konstantin Karras, Hossein Ensan, Eddy Scharf, Jürgen Bachmann and Alexander Bochmann, many prominent guests from the poker scene took part again.

The VIP-SNG won again Sotirios Vassis. The winner of the main event was Tobias Bals 

Tournament 2016

CPT-LA 2016: (v. l.) Thomas Schulz, Marcel Zimmermann und Andrea Klein

The CPT-LA 2016 was sold out within a record-breaking 33 minutes. For Heat 2 it only took 2 minutes. With Jan Heitmann, George Danzer, Martin Pott, Konstantin Karras, Natalie Hof, Stephan Kalhamer, CrazySheep, Udo Gartenbach, xlfixx Felix Schneiders, Eddy Scharf, Alex Stark, Johanna Hupfer and Hossein Ensan, a total of 13 prominent faces of the German poker scene were represented.

Sotirios Vassis won the VIP-SNG. The winner of the main event was Marcel Zimmermann.

Tournament 2015

CPT.LA 2015: (v. l.) Johannes Korn, Eddy Gapinski und DIrk Kahl

The second Heat of the CPT-LA 2015 was sold out within only 5 minutes. The whole tournament was sold out in only 2 hours and 43 minutes. Because of the unfathomably high inquiry we increase the number of participants about 30 places per Heat. Now 360 participants can take part on this tournament. To owe is this absolutely the high number of pros. In 2015 Jan Heitmann, George Danzer, CrazySheep, Martin Pott, xlifxx, Udo Gartenbach, Stephan Kalhamer , Gaby Sanejstra and Konstantin Karras take part.

Frank Stockhaus won the VIP-SNG. The winner of the main event was Eddy Gapinski.

Tournament 2014

George Danzer, Jan Heitmann, Crazysheep, Torsten Brinkmann, Michael Keiner, Martin Pott und Natalie Hof auf der CPT-LA 2014
Gruppenfoto 2014

Also in 2014 the event was sold out in record time. That is no miracle because with Michael Keiner, Torsten Brinkmann, Natalie Hof and Martin Pott five new faces joined to the last pros CrazySheep, Jan Heitmann and George Danzer. In the popular VIP-SNG the organizer Ralf Naporra asserted himself for the second time. He and George Danzer shared the first place. The first prize goes to the last left-over drawn out player. Because of that a Heads-up was not necessary. Daniel Alber won the main event after a great Heads-up against Michael Japes. Besides a trophy he won a LCD-TV. From now on a picture of him hangs every year in a row with the last year’s winner. This year the best pros were CrazySheep on the fourth place, Jan Heitmann on the 13th place and George Danzer on the 19th place.

Tournament 2013

Crazysheep und George Danzer auf der CPT-LA 2013
(v. L.: Crazysheep, Sienchen, Danzer)

On the 16th of March the doors of the Sauerlandhalle were already opened for the third time for about 300 participants and numerous spectators. As special guests the pros CrazySheep (Christophe Groß) and George `trickyscarfi` Danzer were received. As well as in the year before there was the possibility to play against VIPs and the chance to win a lot of material prizes which were sponsored by different companies. CrazySheep came as the only VIP in the top 50 and achieved a sovereign place 44. At the first time we offered side-events. A lot of players took part in these side-events. The drawn out players could play against the pros. The best drawn out player was Julius Wickel. After a long day the inhabitant of Cologne Walter Ternes could assert himself against the other participants.

Tournament 2012

Jan Heitmann und George Danzer bei der CPT-LA 2012 Spendenübergabe
Überreichung der Spenden 2012 (v. L.: Naporra, Heitmann, Junge, Danzer, Walkenbach, Hufnagel)

On the CPT-LA on the 24th of March were the poker world campion Pius Heinz and the PokerStar pros George Danzer and Jan Heitmann present. About 300 participants could not only play against the pros. They could also win a lot of sponsored material prizes. Jan Heitmann came as the only pro into the evaluation. He achieved the 10th place. In 2012 there was also a SNG table. Here the three drawn out participants could play against the pros and organizers. This year was the winner of the SNG table Tobias Voss.


At that time the first CPT still had the name ‘Charity-Poker-Turnier’. It took place on the 28.03.2009. At that time the poker club of ‘Sauerland-Aces’ spoke with Jan Heitmann and George Danzer and organized with them the first issue of the tournament. The foundation stone for the todays CPT was laid. Both pros were not able to win against the other players. At that time the local player Thomas Bankstahl won the tournament. Even then all places were sold out and the organizers were glad about a high charitable donation.

A few tables:


Year 1st place 2nc Place 3rd Place
2017 Tobias Bals Sven Kautermann Melanie Döbbeler
2016 Marcel Zimmermann Thomas Schulz Andrea Klein
2015 Edwin Gapinski Dirk Kahl Johannes Korn
2014 Daniel Albers Michael Japes Martin Melichar
2013 Walter Ternes Sven Theibach Tatjana Mories
2012 Mark Mühlhaus Sascha Gastreich Stanimir Bugar


  ’09 ’12 ’13 ’14 ’15 16 ’17
Jan Heitmann X X   X X X  
George Danzer X X X X X X  
Steffi Quint X           X
Pius Heinz   X          
Crazysheep (Christophe Gross)     X X X X X
Martin Pott       X X X X
Michael Keiner       X     X
Torsten Brinkmann       X      
Natalie Hof       X   X X
Felix Schneiders         X X X
Udo Gartenbach         X X  
Stephan Kalhamer         X X X
Gaby Sanejstra         X    
Konstantin Karras         X X X
Hossein Ensan           X X
Eddy Scharf           X X
Johanna Hupfer           X  
Alex Stark           X  
Jürgen Bachmann             X
Alexander Bochmann             X


So far we have raised over 49,000 Euros for a good cause.

2017 14.700 Euro
(7.700 live / 7.000 online)
2016 10.444 Euro
(6.000 live / 4.444 online)
2015 6.250 Euro
2014 5.500 Euro
2013 5.000 Euro
2012 4.250 Euro
2009 3.000 Euro